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     Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than a person whose heart has been broken & their world falls apart, and yet through it all they still believe in love. Sometimes when you least expect it your happily ever after finds you on the dance floor!


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    Kristin&Adam Verticle-Horizontal02



    Kristin & Adma Verticle-Horizontal03









    Kristin & Adam Verticle-Horizontal04


    Kristin & Adam Verticle-Horizontal05




    Kristin & Adam Verticle-Horizontal06


    Kristin & Adam Verticle-Horizontal07

    Kristin & Adam Verticle-Horizontal08




    Tin Box Weddings would love to introduce you to our 2014 July 4th Real Wedding couple Kristin & Adam!  These two sure know how to put the spark in sparkle! The day was filled with fun & excitement, love, laughter & even fireworks! We loved their simple patriotic details and the festive joy that was shared by all.

    Watch them share their great story about how they met and fell in love. 

    We love sharing in the celebration of life with all of our amazing couple & wish you all a Happy 4th!







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    Summer time is in full swing and the 4th of July is the perfect time to shoot off those fireworks of love & start celebrating from this day forward! So with that we want to share some of our favorite red, white, & blue inspired details that might help you in showing some patriotic spirit during your wedding day!

    Rob & Danny WED-2013-248

    Dani & Rob had just the perfect shade of red with these fabulous roses.


    Sarah & Bryce WED-37

    We adored this beautiful white dress that Sarah wore on her wedding day! (It even had pockets!) And if that isn’t enough look at this amazing red door that made it all pop just right!


    Nina & Alex WED (331 of 438)

    We couldn’t get enough of Nina’s adorable vintage inspired blue shoes!  Alex’s sock were the perfect match!  You can find more Red Flowers, White Dresses, & Blue Shoes inspirations by checking out our special 4th of July Pinterest board.


    4th-of-July-CocktailsWe all love a fun DIY especially around the holidays! We found these 14 perfectly fabulous cocktails; refreshingly independent and fabulously fun.  Allyson over at Domestic Superhero has put together an amazing list and we hope that you will try a few of these tasty, totally yummy, and perfectly delicious cocktails that are sure to have your guest going back for more. 


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    Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.34.55 PMRachelAndrewVerticle-01 _MG_1938 RachelAndrewVerticle-02 _MG_1961-Edit _MG_2021-Edit _MG_2025-Edit _MG_2030-Edit _MG_2381-Edit RachelAndrewVerticle-03 _MG_2434-2RachelAndrewVerticle-04_MG_2172_MG_2183 _MG_2778 _MG_2163 RachelAndrewVerticle-05_MG_2640 _MG_2851_MG_2091 _MG_2286 _MG_2760RachelAndrewVerticle-06_MG_2990 May in Omaha brought forth beautiful colorful flowers, fresh springy greens and wonderful warm sunshine…and we would you to meet Rachel and Andrew who along with spring brought their friends and family from all over to Omaha in celebration of their wedding.  These two Air Force love birds started the day with the most perfect first look and sweet playful picnic scene as the two newly weds snuggled up for a few special moments together before heading over to the amazing historic Lucile’s in Old Market.   There they joined their love one laughing, dancing & loving the night away, Congrats you two!

    Vendor Shout Outs! Photographer: Tin Box Weddings , Reception: Lucile’s Old Market, Bridal Gown & shoes: Her own, Groom’s Wear: His own suit  Hair & Makeup: Urbane Salon ,  Cake: Culprit Cafe  Music/DJ: Complete


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    April showers didn’t keep this amazing couple from getting married! In fact Heather & Nick had a beautiful day full of love, lots of laughter & weren’t even afraid to venture out in the woods for a few perfect moments to be captured. The smell of lilac filled the air & was found where ever the bride went as she carried them along in her pretty spring bouquet. Lots of homemade details filled the reception & we loved the fresh baked pies & smiled as their special guests traveled home with a piece of this couple’s heart in some wonderful sweet made from scratch jam!

    Vendor Shout Outs!
    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Ceremony: St. Geralds Reception: Bellevue Berry Farm
    Hungry Moose Venue
    Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero -Bridal Traditions Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mishka from Groom’s Formal Wear: His own suit Hair & Makeup: Gloss Salon – Natalie Powel , Rings: Geoffrey’s & Borsheims Florist: Beyond the Vine Pies: Bellevue Berry Farm Music/DJ: Nick Jones


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    Horizontal 1

    Sarah & Bryce WED-56Sarah & Bryce WED-51Sarah & Bryce WED-72Sarah & Bryce WED-68Sarah & Bryce WED-67Sarah & Bryce WED-48Sarah & Bryce WED-7 Sarah & Bryce WED-37 Horizontal 2



    Sarah & Bryce WED-83Sarah & Bryce WED-85Horizontal 3
    Sarah & Bryce WED-37 Sarah & Bryce WED-43 Sarah & Bryce WED-52 Sarah & Bryce WED-77 Horizontal 4Sarah & Bryce WED-116 Sarah & Bryce WED-117 Sarah & Bryce WED-127 Sarah & Bryce WED-138 Sarah & Bryce WED-152 Sarah & Bryce WED-225 Sarah & Bryce WED-233 Sarah & Bryce WED-260 Sarah & Bryce WED-266 Sarah & Bryce WED-270 Sarah & Bryce WED-279 Sarah & Bryce WED-282 Sarah & Bryce WED-290 Sarah & Bryce WED-293 Sarah & Bryce WED-300 Sarah & Bryce WED-302 Sarah & Bryce WED-305 Sarah & Bryce WED-313 Sarah & Bryce WED-324 Sarah & Bryce WED-327 Sarah & Bryce WED-330 Sarah & Bryce WED-331 Sarah & Bryce WED-332 Sarah & Bryce WED-335 Sarah & Bryce WED-342 Sarah & Bryce WED-349 Sarah & Bryce WED-355 Sarah & Bryce WED-396



    Lincoln, NE couple Sarah & Bryce had the best of luck on their wedding day. Full of puffy clouds, sunshine and some charming rain drops.  Swooning over the fun details from their wedding day. Their unique wedding rings – Sarah’s is a lovely blue gem and Bryce’s ring is made of wood. Sarah and one of her friends made the cute paper confetti pockets. And speaking of pockets, the brides dress has those too!

    Vendor Shout Outs!
    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings  Ceremony: Redeemer Lutheran Church  Reception: Private Venue – Barn  Bridal Gown: Blush by Haley Paige, Rhylan Lang Bridal Bride’s Shoes: Blue Betsey Johnson,  Groom’s Formal Wear: Jos. A. Bank  Hair & Makeup: Sisu Hair Dressing, Hair: Anna Evans, Makeup: Liz Peck  Rings: Lincoln Jewelry Company & Etsy Florist: Family friend, Sara Miller  Cake: Goldenrod Pastries 


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    What a wonderful wedding

    Nothing could have been more perfectly you 

    Here is a quick guide to know what is happening with your glorious wedding day photos and film. 

    Week 1 We are setting up all the photo and film files from your wedding day to begin the editing process. This takes a few days to get all set and ready for our talented editors. Then we start sorting through all the great shots, picking the best ones before we start editing them to perfection. Expect to see sneak peeks on our Facebook page.

    Week 2 We are busy at work editing your photos and film into beautiful pieces. If you have a wedding film a custom score is being made specifically for your wedding video now.

    Week 3 Vivian and Machaela check in with the editors to make sure all the pieces are coming together and we don’t miss a thing.  Expect to see a preview of your photos posted right here on our blog.

    Week 4-5  All the final touches happen to the photos this week. The first edits are all done and Vivian goes through each picture herself adding little final touches. Getting them all just right. Then we send you all your glorious wedding day photos.  Expect to receive an email with your gallery link and password.

    Week 6  A proof of your brag book will be ready for you to review. Expect an email with a link to give feedback. Your video is now in the color grade, one of the final touches and the one that makes it look amazing.

    Week 6-7  Your video is being assembled, final audio tweaks and polishing touches. This is the week you should plan a popcorn and move night to watch your wedding day film!  Expect an email with a link and directions to download your video.



    Q- What if I need a specific photo right away?

    A- Absolutely, we will do our best to get to any special requests right away. Just ask! 

    Q- What if I want help ordering prints?

    A- Of course, that is why we are here. Give us a shout and we will set up a hassle free print ordering party! 

    Q- What if I want a bigger custom album?

    A- Terrific, we make some rad albums and we can set up a consultation to pick the best options for you. 



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    Crickett & Chris WED-1
    Crickett & Chris WED-48

    Crickett & Chris WED-2
    Crickett & Chris WED-44Crickett & Chris WED-103
    Crickett & Chris WED-3

    Crickett & Chris WED-148Crickett & Chris WED-139




    Crickett & Chris WED-164Crickett & Chris WED-4Crickett & Chris WED-392

    Congrats to Crickett & Chris! It was a beautiful fall October day 

    Vendor Shout Outs!
    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Ceremony: Northwest Hills Church & Reception: LaVista Conference Center Bridal Gown: Storybook Ending Bridal and Jason Alexander Bride’s Shoes: Convers Bridal Groom’s Formal Wear: Men’s Warehouse Hair & Makeup: Lacey Reed  Rings: Kay’s Jewelers Florist: In Bloom Cake: Baker’s Transportation: Luxury Limousine Music: Master’s DJs


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    A day full of fun and suspense for the big proposal.


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    Suzy & Cody WED-10-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-12-2014suzy&cody1 Suzy & Cody WED-14-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-19-2014suzy&cody2 Suzy & Cody WED-21-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-22-2014
    Suzy & Cody WED-30-2014 suzy&cody5 Suzy & Cody WED-38-2014suzy&cody13 Suzy & Cody WED-41-2014suzy&cody7 Suzy & Cody WED-44-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-50-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-53-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-54-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-55-2014suzy&cody8suzy&cody15 Suzy & Cody WED-56-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-59-2014
    Suzy & Cody WED-26-2014

    suzy&cody11suzy&cody10 Suzy & Cody WED-94-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-148-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-149-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-158-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-159-2014suzy&cody9suzy&cody14 Suzy & Cody WED-175-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-193-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-201-2014 suzy&cody12 Suzy & Cody WED-220-2014suzy&cody17 Suzy & Cody WED-264-2014Suzy & Cody WED-105-2014Suzy & Cody WED-132-2014Suzy & Cody WED-137-2014suzy&cody6 Suzy & Cody WED-297-2014suzy&cody4 Suzy & Cody WED-310-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-355-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-360-2014 Suzy & Cody WED-367-2014

    Suzy & Cody’s wedding was enchanting. We arrived at The Elms Hotel, in Excelsior Springs, Missouri and knew that this was going to be a fabulous wedding weekend.  The couple spent a weekend away at The Elms and fell in love with the old elegance of the hotel and charming grounds. When it was time to plan their wedding they knew The Elms was the perfect mini destination wedding location.  Their summer wedding weekend was perfect. Their was a campfire with friends and family and movies on the lawn the night before. Guests went swimming in the morning while the bridal party dresed and easily chatted together. The summer heat didn’t keep us from wandering the grounds and discovering a lovely stream and bridge for an enchanting bride reveal Their wedding ceremony was warm and heartfelt. They chose to start the ceremony off with their Tin Box Love Story film, the bridal party came down the aisle to a favorite song whistled live by one of the Empty Pocket’s and culminate with a radiant Suzy & Cody wedded as Mr & Mrs.

    Cocktails and piano in the resplendent lobby and a breathtaking reception were topped off with Americana rock’n’roll from the “The Empty Pockets.”
    Congratulations & Much Bliss!


    Vendor Shout Outs!

    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Videographer: Tin Box Weddings Ceremony & Reception: The Elms Hotel, Excelsior Springs, MO Bridal Gown: Allure from Ellyn Bridal Groom’s Formal Wear: Men’s Warehouse Hair: Sarah Miller, Indulgence Salon, Omaha  Makeup: Jolie Artistry, Kansas City Florist: Blue Bouquet, Kansas City Cake: Chef Nancy Stark, Kansas City Wedding Coordinator: Melissa Sterner,The Elms Hotel, Excelsior Springs, MO Music: The Empty Pockets, Chicago




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    A little love story that all began at Outback Steakhouse.  Congrats you two!


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    Sarah & Bryce ENG-30Sarah & Bryce ENG-28sarah&bryce1Sarah & Bryce ENG-6Sarah & Bryce ENG-22

    Sarah & Bryce ENG-45Sarah & Bryce ENG-47 Sarah & Bryce ENG-39 Sarah & Bryce ENG-38 Sarah & Bryce ENG-34 Sarah & Bryce ENG-15sarah&bryce2 Sarah & Bryce ENG-14

    sarah & Bryce 3 Sarah & Bryce ENG-51



    Sarah and Bryce invited us to photograph their engagement session inside their recently purchased Lincoln, Nebraska home.  We were of course thrilled for the opportunity to showcase their personalities in such a personal space because here at Tin Box Weddings, that’s what we are all about.  Beyond having tons of character, the house is a labor of love for these two.  Bryce completed the texturized wall just in time for the shoot, we were impressed!  These photos are just a glimpse to the beginning of the life they will build between these four walls.  Excited to share in their spring wedding.


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    Beautiful day, not a detail was missed. Congrats Margaret and Adam!


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    We have just adrored all of the incredible love stories from engaged and marreid couples right here in Omaha, Nebraska. We had an incredible number of submissions and it has, of course, been so fun to read each story. So much laughter and tender moments! We are incredibly excited to create a Tin Box Love Story for FOUR rad couples. Before you scroll on to see the winners enjoy a few favorite quotes from a handful of Love Story submissions…


    Molley & Matt-

    I stammered and struggled to get a single sentence out, sweating and feeling knots in my stomach.  I decided to skip to the story about Molley’s driver’s license, but my nerves made me pass on that as well.  So from there, I jumped right to the end.  I got down on one knee, pulled the ring from my pocket and simply asked, “Will you marry me?” And then she said, yes.

    Debbie &  Lee  -

    “Whenever he can, Lee picks Debbie up at the office and takes her to lunch. He also proposed to Debbie at the graduation ceremony for his academy. So cute!”

    Kayla Sue & Matty Blue-

    “Kayla Sue and Matty Blue were inseparable and the summer of love began.  Or as Kayla so fittingly named it, THE BEST SUMMER EVER!  A summer filled with dancing, love, laughs, and lots of Fireball!”

    Jill & Evan -

    “As high school classmates with Evan being the under classman, he’d always thought that Jill didn’t even ever notice him. Although he still remembers the first time she said hi to him in the ala carte line! Luckily their paths crossed several times as they got older…”

    Whitney & Joel-

    “It was a warm, sunny day at Children’s Hospital in Omaha. Joel was doing his residency and Whitney was working as a nurse on the oncology floor. Their eyes met, and Joel knew he had to ask for this lovely girls name.”

    Jenn & John-

    “So when John and Jenn got back to the room, there were two bottles of champagne, a plate of chocolate covered strawberries, and a note that read, “Congratulations Cassie and Michael!”  Oops!!”





    designLove Story Giveaway Winners:

    Katherine Monahan & Patrick Price, “Kat and Pat” – high-school sweet hearts

    Tracy Krelle & Husband Eric Krelle – marrieds

    Maren Muldoon & Pat Zahourek – a baseball proposal!

    Kayla Mixan & Matt Schulte – a true happily ever after!









    To watch  Tin Box Love Stories check our our vimeo channel and to book a love story for yourself or as a gift for your favorite couple contact us for details. 


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    ilo1* ilo**

    ilo4 ilo3 copy


    It was brisk, early morning but working with this group of creatives is among one of our favorite things.

    As featured in Inspired Living Omaha, Rugged Style.

    Photography Tin Box Weddings

    Art Direction Heidi Thorson

    Text & Styling Meghann Schense

    Model Kyle Atkins

    Location Bennington Pines 





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    blog_1   blog20141-2014-2blog13blog20141-2014  blog2blog20141-2014-3blog_14blog20141-2014-4blog12  blog15 blog20141-2014-2blog16    blog20141-2014-5 blog20141-2014-6 blog_10blog20141-2014-7 blog11blog20141-2014-8 blog20141-2014-9 blog20141-2014-10

    Mallory and Tom’s winter wedding couldn’t have been complete without a little snow – topped of an already glamorous packed day. What we like to call a white wedding!


    Vendor Shout Outs!

    Photographer Tin Box Weddings  Ceremony Community of Christ Reception 1316 Jones Street  Bridal Gown Suburban Bridal Bride’s Shoes Kurt Geiger Groom’s Formal Wear Tip Top Tux Hair & Makeup Victor Victoria Salon Rings Rosados Box  Florist:Creative Fleurs Floral: Hy Vee Floral  Cake Nicola’s Italian Wine & Fare Music Complete Music  



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    the job title: Photo Intern

    The photo intern position is open to all applicants with any level of experience. This position is limited to one chosen applicant per year and is a one year commitment. The photo intern is in for a wild ride with no room for a lackadaisical attitude. The position will be given to the applicant that shows high energy, a great attitude, an insatiable desire to learn and a can-do spirit. Our commitment to our interns is to give you a real life working production company experience. You will end this internship ready to enter the job field with a competitive edge. Our goal is to train you so well and provide such a great place to work that you become our next rock-star hire candidate.

    Hours:  Minimum of 5 hours in studio work plus shoots on your own schedule to complete the shoot requirements.   Weekend availability and night flexibility a must.

    who you support: Creative producer, Lead Photographer, Second Photographer and Photo Editor

    who supports you: The team

    the bottom line

    I am responsible for:

    Providing quick and creative support to photo shoots and production that frees up the rest of the photo production team to operate at full technical and creative capacity on shoots and in pre and post production. Most importantly I will think on my feet. Pick up instruction quickly becoming versatile in technical and conceptual areas and treat equipment well.

    nuts and bolts

    Strategic work

    1-Actively take part in creative meetings

    2- Contribute to problem solving and documenting how-to’s for future reference

    3- Use innovation to redefine a project and meet the constraints of cost, time and in place standards.

    Tactical work

    1- Complete the JGP / Tin Box year long internship shooting and editing program in place for working through progressive levels of complexity – from the most simple to the most complex shoots and edits.

    2- Assist the studio manager with equipment preparation for shoots.

    2- Participate on shoots, primarily wedding, engagement and photo booth, and commercial shoots starting with observation and moving through basic positions into more complex positions and greater responsibility over the internship period.

    3- Observe the editing process, using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom – move through basic positions into more complex tasks, while working closely with the photo editor.

    4 -Assist producer, studio manager, photographer and editor from start to finish of all projects assigned.

    5- Execute current social media strategy and imagery for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and the JGP / Tin Box blog.

    6- Engage current and potential clients on social networks.

    6- Use Asana to communicate all levels of a project

    7 – Implement notes and changes to photo edits

    how we do it

    This isn’t a 9-5 job. You may need to stay late if thats when you are most creative, you may need to come in early to make things happen.  Our people make it happen with a great attitude and every ounce of creativity they can offer.

    Every project here gets treated like it’s the most important. So stay positive and give it your best.

    Dress with creative professionalism.

    100% project completion is met on or before all deadlines in accordance with individual project plans. Always. That’s what 100% means.

    Consistently follow in place protocols for conduct and communication

    Non Compete Agreement: 

    1. Contractors, employees and interns agree they will not solicit customers with whom he or she does or did business with while working at the companies under Jordan Green, LLC and had personal contact with during his or her employment; and
    2. Contractors and employees agree not to do media work for customers with whom Jordan Green, LLC companies do work with for a period of 24 months after leaving Jordan Green, LLC.

    What’s next? Email the following things to

    1. Why should we consider you for the intern position?

    2. A link to your portfolio – don’t let this scare you.

    3. What’s your favorite thing to photograph?

    4. What’s the one app you can’t live without?

    5. Do you instagram? Share a link   

    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: engagement, engagement photos, Love Story, Omaha wedding photography, real omaha wedding

    Bri & Nate ENG-5-2014 Bri & Nate ENG-7-2014 Bri & Nate ENG-12-2014 Bri & Nate ENG-17-2014 Bri & Nate ENG-19-2014 Bri & Nate ENG-20-2014 Bri & Nate ENG-22-2014 Bri & Nate ENG-32-2014 Bri & Nate ENG-33-2014 Bri & Nate ENG-34-2014 Bri & Nate ENG-35-2014 Bri & Nate ENG-43-2014 Bri & Nate_1

    Genuine laughter filled the space around this entire engagement session with Bri & Nate. We can’t wait for what fun their wedding day will bring.

    (And that great canary yellow scarf!)



    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Uncategorized

    So many terrific weddings, rad couples and great experiences over 2014.  We traveled Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri this year documenting these special days and feeling the “feels”. It was an honor to be part of these couples Love Stories.

    _MG_2887 blog2014-2943blog2014--9blog2014-2014-25

    blog13jana&brett2Jill & Alex 111ab7Adrienne & Ben WED-5-2014blog2014--8BLOG Verticle-Horizontal Templateblog2014-2014-42014_10blog2014-2014-12blog2014-2014-3blog2014--6blog2014-2014-62014_1_MG_3576-Edit






    Jill&Ryan_WED-349-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-277-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-253-2014 Jill & Alex 10 liz&jacob7 Liz & Jacob WED-370-2014 Jessica & Treghtin WED-87-2014 Jessica & Treghtin WED-94-2014





















    Nina & Alex WED (290 of 438)

    Jenna & Nick WED-254-2014


    Mallory & Tom WED-396-2014

    2014_2_MG_3606-Editblog2014-2014-102014_3Suzy & Cody WED-297-2014BLOG Verticle-Horizontal Template copy


    blog2014-2014-22 Jill&Ryan_WED-172-2014 Margaret & Adam WED-380-2014 _MG_1223-Edit Liz & Jacob WED-385-2014

    2014 Tin Box Weddings – a look back at a year full of amazing couples, wedding celebrations and fun creativity as a team…


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: omaha wedding, Omaha wedding photography, real omaha wedding, real wedding, style, Uncategorized, venue, wedding, wedding photography, wedding venue

    marg&adam16Margaret & Adam WED-4-2014Margaret & Adam WED-5-2014marg&adam5Margaret & Adam WED-36-2014Margaret & Adam WED-60-2014Margaret & Adam WED-9-2014marg&adam7marg&adam6marg&adam11marg&adam3 _MG_6477marg&adam4    Margaret & Adam WED-136-2014marg&adam8         _MG_5476                Margaret & Adam WED-190-2014 Margaret & Adam WED-198-2014  Margaret & Adam WED-235-2014 _MG_5568Margaret & Adam WED-304-2014Margaret & Adam WED-237-2014 marg&adam10Margaret & Adam WED-258-2014 Margaret & Adam WED-281-2014 marg&adam14Margaret & Adam WED-308-2014 marg&adam9Margaret & Adam WED-349-2014 marg&adam13Margaret & Adam WED-377-2014 marg&adam15Margaret & Adam WED-380-2014 Margaret & Adam WED-398-2014 Margaret & Adam WED-407-2014 Margaret & Adam WED-413-2014 Margaret & Adam WED-416-2014


    Margaret and Adam’s wedding was one for the books! The venue was simply breath taking and the attention to detail put it over the top.

    Vendor Shout Outs!

    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Videographer: Tin Box Weddings Ceremony & Reception: Joslyn Art Museum Bridal Gown: A boutique in Paris Groom’s Formal Wear: The Black Tux Hair & Makeup: Konetempo Florist:Creative Fleurs Cake: Happy Hollow;Whisked Away Cake Boutique Wedding Planner: Lovestruck Rentals: United Rental-all


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Uncategorized

    A Love Story makes the perfect gift! Bridal parties, parents, family and friends may purchase a love story together for a gift that is oh-so-delightful. Hop over to our pricing page for details. For the Month of January up until the day after valentines day check out the Love Story Giveaway. Email your nomination to

    Love Story Giveaway AD


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: 1920, FYI, mens 1920's, mens style, mens vintage, style, tin box team, vintage, wedding

    Does a true dapper gentleman wear suspenders a belt or both? 

    Michael has the answers with his 1920′s Style Guide for Men - Quick tips to a classic look.



    Meet Michael Rabon  - You can catch Michael on a Tin Box Wedding or Tin Box Love Story shooting epic video, hamming it up in a photo booth or even behind the scenes editing.  What you may not know is that Michael is also our resident men’s vintage style expert and has mad design skills.

    Be sure to say hi to Michael – he is the one with the great bow tie.


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: engagement, engagement photos, omaha wedding, Omaha wedding photography, wedding

    jenna&trevor_MG_0027-Edit-WEB jenna&trevor2  jenna&trevor3  jenna&trevor_MG_1489-Edit-WEB  jenna&trevor_MG_1603-Edit-WEB jenna&trevor_MG_1641-Edit-WEB jenna&trevor_MG_1655-Edit-WEB  jenna&trevor_MG_9852-Edit-WEBjenna&trevor4jenna&trevor_MG_1880-Edit-WEB

    What a happy couple, full of laughter and smiles.   Looking forward to their July wedding.


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    jenna&nick_MG_2752-WEBjenna&nick7 jenna&nick_MG_2807-WEBjenna&nick2

    jenna&nick1jenna&nick_MG_2945-WEB jenna&nick3jenna&nick_MG_2980-WEB jenna&nick_MG_2985-WEB jenna&nick_MG_3023-WEB jenna&nick_MG_3026-WEB jenna&nick8jenna&nickIMG_7422-WEBjenna&nickIMG_7456-WEBjenna&nick_MG_3173-WEB jenna&nickIMG_7463-WEBjenna&nickIMG_7485-WEBjenna&nick9jenna&nick_MG_3204-WEB jenna&nick_MG_3226-WEB jenna&nickIMG_7601-WEBjenna&nick_MG_3255-WEB jenna&nick_MG_3268-WEB jenna&nick_MG_3347-Edit-WEB jenna&nick_MG_3362-Edit-WEB jenna&nick_MG_3368-Edit-WEB jenna&nick_MG_3376-Edit-WEB jenna&nick11jenna&nick_MG_3386-Edit-WEB jenna&nickIMG_7751-Edit-WEBjenna&nickIMG_7757-Edit-WEBjenna&nickIMG_7747-Edit-WEBjenna&nick_MG_3405-Edit-WEB jenna&nickIMG_7767-Edit-WEBjenna&nickIMG_7766-Edit-WEBjenna&nick10jenna&nickIMG_7808-Edit-WEBjenna&nickIMG_7934-WEBjenna&nickIMG_7365-WEB  jenna&nick_MG_3612-WEB jenna&nick_MG_3516-WEBjenna&nick_MG_3622-WEB jenna&nick_MG_3521-WEBjenna&nick_MG_3634-WEB                         jenna&nickIMG_7837-WEB jenna&nickIMG_7899-WEB  jenna&nick4jenna&nickIMG_8073-WEB jenna&nick13jenna&nick6jenna&nickIMG_8098-WEB jenna&nickIMG_8274-WEBjenna&nick_MG_3853-WEB

    Jenna and Nick said their “I Do’s!”  Jenna’s gorgeous smile is contagious and lit up the entire day.  Great couple and a rad wedding party.


    Vendor Shout Outs!

    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Videographer: Tin Box Weddings Ceremony: St Stephens Catholic Church Reception Venue: DC Centere Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero  Bridal Traditions Hair & Makeup: Salon Z3 Men’s Formal Wear: Tip Top Tux Rings: Borsheims Florist: Corums Flowers Cake: Cake Expressions Music: Showtime Music Transportation: Party Bus Express


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    Jana & Brett WED-3-2014

    jana&brett2Jana & Brett WED-19-2014 jana&brett3Jana & Brett WED-23-2014 Jana & Brett WED-68-2014 Jana & Brett WED-77-2014 Jana & Brett WED-93-2014 Jana & Brett WED-114-2014 Jana & Brett WED-118-2014 Jana & Brett WED-162-2014 Jana & Brett WED-176-2014 Jana & Brett WED-186-2014 Jana & Brett WED-187-2014 Jana & Brett WED-188-2014  Jana & Brett WED-198-2014 jana&brett4    Jana&brett5Jana & Brett WED-279-2014


    Take me where the wind blows
    Anywhere the sun shines
    Anywhere your love goes
    You will find me.”


    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Videographer: Tin Box Weddings Ceremony: Messiah Lutheran Church Reception Venue: Tiburon Golf Course Bridal Gown: Allure, Bridal Traditions Shoes: Chinese Laundry Hair: Casey Goeden Makeup: Amy Carey Spa Moi Men’s Formal Wear: Vera Wang, Men’s Wearhouse Rings: Borsheims Florist: Loess Hills Floral Cake: Cupcake Island Music: PM Entertainment Transportation: VIP Limousine 


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    These two have been married for over two months now! A perfect little proposal, full of memories and meaningful places.

    [Love Story] Jana & Brett from Tinbox Weddings on Vimeo.


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    _MG_8130 _MG_8144 _MG_8146 _MG_8158 _MG_8162 _MG_8175 _MG_8215 _MG_8271 _MG_8292 _MG_8350 _MG_8388 _MG_8538


    Some of our favorites from Sarah and Tommy’s Photo Booth.


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    _MG_0476 _MG_4316 _MG_4410-Edit Beth & Phil ENG-2-2014 Beth & Phil ENG-6-2014 Beth & Phil ENG-8-2014 Beth & Phil ENG-11-2014 Beth & Phil ENG-24-2014 Beth & Phil ENG-26-2014 Beth & Phil ENG-44-2014P&B_3 P&B_4



    Beth & Phil are an obvious perfect match. Beth is sweet and Phil always has an easy going laugh in his pocket.  Adorable to watch playfully laughing and teasing. This is why we love what we do.


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    T&T_2T&T_3T&T_1Tricia & Tait ENG-1-2014 Tricia & Tait ENG-8-2014 Tricia & Tait ENG-9-2014 Tricia & Tait ENG-14-2014 Tricia & Tait ENG-19-2014 Tricia & Tait ENG-25-2014 Tricia & Tait ENG-29-2014 Tricia & Tait ENG-31-2014 Tricia & Tait ENG-32-2014 Tricia & Tait ENG-40-2014 Tricia & Tait ENG-41-2014


    “it’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime!”  Tricia & Tait couldn’t be a more stylish & down-to-earth couple. Love everything about this engagement session. 


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    BLOG Verticle-Horizontal Template copyJill&Ryan_WED-20-2014BLOG Verticle-Horizontal TemplateJill&Ryan_WED-5-2014Jill&Ryan_WED-34-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-73-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-172-2014BLOG Verticle-Horizontal TempcopyJill&Ryan_WED-235-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-241-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-243-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-245-2014Jill&Ryan_WED-255-2014Jill&Ryan_WED-259-2014Jill&Ryan_WED-253-2014Jill&Ryan_WED-263-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-267-2014BLOG Verticle-plate copyJill&Ryan_WED-275-2014Jill&Ryan_WED-279-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-287-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-291-2014jillryanJill&Ryan_WED-295-2014Jill&Ryan_WED-298-2014jillryan1Jill&Ryan_WED-300-2014Jill&Ryan_WED-316-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-318-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-320-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-326-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-328-2014Jill&Ryan_WED-336-2014 Jill&Ryan_WED-340-2014Jill&Ryan_WED-344-2014Jill&Ryan_WED-349-2014Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Videographer: Tin Box Weddings Ceremony Venue: St. John’s at Creighton University Reception Venue: Bellevue Berry Farm  Bridal Gown: Haley Paige, Rhylan Lang Shoes: BCBGMaxazaria Hair and Makeup: Joanna Lima (cousin of bride) Men’s Formal Wear:  Perry Ellis, Dillard’s Tie: Martha’s Vineyard, Nordstroms Florist: Carole Tom at Mulhall’s  Pies:Bellevue Berry Farm  Rentals: Bellevue Berry Farm Vocalist: Becky Phillips (sister of bride) 


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    Liz & Jacob WED-2-2014Liz & Jacob WED-20-2014Liz & Jacob WED-17-2014Liz & Jacob_verticalLiz & Jacob WED-13-2014   liz&jacob2Liz & Jacob WED-48-2014 liz&jacob3Liz & Jacob WED-49-2014  Liz & Jacob WED-56-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-108-2014Liz & Jacob WED-75-2014 liz&jacob4liz&jacob6liz&jacob7liz&jacobliz&jacob10liz&jacob9liz&jacob8Liz & Jacob WED-94-2014  Liz & Jacob WED-167-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-171-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-214-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-230-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-233-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-235-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-236-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-238-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-244-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-245-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-248-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-251-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-261-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-272-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-282-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-345-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-354-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-370-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-384-2014 Liz & Jacob WED-385-2014

    “You know that moment when you hug somebody, when your heart feels warm and high in your chest and tingly? When you feel just for a second like a baby in a womb… that nothing matters? That’s how I want you to feel….” – Jake Vander Ark

     Liz, Jacob & their dashing son Jayden were surrounded by love, hugs and warm feelings. And the rooftop shots- epic awesomeness!

    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Ceremony Venue: Kountze Memorial Reception Venue: The Paxton Ballroom Rings: Mark Edwards Bridal Gown: Essence of Australia from Ellyne’s Bridal Ben’s Formal Wear: Men’s Warehouse Bride’s Hair and Makeup: Urbane Florist: Creative Fleur Cake: Omaha Pastry Rentals: AAA Rents  Transportation: Ollie-the-Trolley Music for cocktails and dinner: Chris Saub Music: Complete Music  Wedding Planner: Weddings by Mindell


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    High School sweethearts and best friends Jill & Alex shared a wedding day full of color and laughter with friends and family. We had so much fun with these two and their wedding party shooting photos of their dance-off in the park, grabbing romantic moments with just the two of them and then having fun on the baseball diamond.  Be sure to check out the little details too. Jill wore Tom’s Shoes for style, comfort and a good cause. Sparkling earrings and a special heirloom hairpiece.  Jill’s colorful bouquet…. and that dress! So many great details.

    Watch Jill & Alex’s Love Story

            _MG_8227-Edit_MG_8218-EditJill & Alex 2_MG_8250-Edit_MG_8402-Edit _MG_8453-EditJill & Alex 13 _MG_0250-EditJill & Alex 7 Jill & Alex 11 _MG_8620-Edit _MG_8553-EditJill & Alex 4 Jill & Alex 12_MG_8722-Edit _MG_8731-EditJill & Alex 5Jill & Alex 3 _MG_0531-Edit_MG_9361-Edit _MG_9392-Edit _MG_9394-Edit Jill & ALex 6Jill & Alex 10_MG_9533-Edit_MG_9511-EditJill & Alex 8         _MG_9725-Edit Jill & Alex 1 Jill & Alex 9_MG_1223-Edit _MG_9470-Edit _MG_9614-Edit


    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Videographer: Tin Box Weddings Ceremony Venue: Brookside Church Reception Venue: The DC Centre Rings: Main Street Jewelers Jessica’s Bridal Gown: Martina Liana from Ellynne Bridal  Shoes: Toms Hair and Makeup: Esther Morris at Curb Appeal Jessica’s Hair: Ashley Winters & Lindsey Kate of Salon Nuvo  Men’s Formal Wear:  Tip Top Tux Florist: Brown Floral & Creations Cake: Cake Gallery Music: Complete Music Transportation:  Royal Limousine


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    Melissa & Demetri are so awesome and we loved being part of their wedding. Check out what Melissa has to say about working with Tin Box Weddings.

    Want to see more? Go ahead and click below.

    The Engagement Photos

    The Wedding Photos

    The Tin Box Love Story Film

    The Tin Box Wedding Highlights Film

    The Tin Box Wedding Film


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    Pastels, nudes and peaches are in! We think our brides have pretty good taste, especially when it comes to flowers.  Check out some of the other hot wedding trends for 2014 here.  1 268 mr


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    There is a reason we pack along bug spray for Nebraska summer shoots.  Keeps everyone smiling rather than swatting! Jenna & Nick were all laughter and smiles for the evening so we explored around a few shoot locations including the actual proposal spot for their engagement photos and some Love Story filming. – Congratulations


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    Jill & Alex_1  Jill & Alex_7 Jil & Alex_10Jill & Alex_4Jill & Alex-9-2014 Jill & Alex-13-2014Jill & Alex-25-2014Jill & Alex-15-2014Jill & Alex-28-2014Jill & Alex-20-2014   Jill & Alex-31-2014Jill & Alex-38-2014Jill & Alex_6Jill & Alex-42-2014Jill & Alex-46-2014Jill & Alex-48-2014jill & alexJill & Alex5Jill & Alex-68-2014  

    “I want warm summer nights, to lie in a hammock, staring at the stars, telling you stories…”  We love engaged couples, perfect days for photographs and unexpected locations, even if it means Vivian is standing in the middle of the street taking a photo, whatever it takes!  Real laughter came easy for Jill & Alex on this summer sun kissed evening.



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    Adrienne & Ben WED-5-2014 ab1 ab2 ab3 ab4 ab5 ab6 ab7 ab8 ab9 Adrienne & Ben WED-9-2014  Adrienne & Ben WED-94-2014 Adrienne & Ben WED-254-2014 Adrienne & Ben WED-261-2014 Adrienne & Ben WED-266-2014 Adrienne & Ben WED-267-2014 Adrienne & Ben WED-273-2014 Adrienne & Ben WED-291-2014 Adrienne & Ben WED-296-2014

    It was a candy sweet day, full of whimsical details.  Loved the colors, so much fun! Congrats you two!

    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Ceremony Venue: Embassy Suites -La Vista Reception Venue: Embassy Suites La Vista Rings: Wright’s Jewelers Wedding Bands: Zales Adrienne’s Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal purchased at Goodwill Ben’s Formal Wear: Kenneth Cole from Men’s Warehouse Bride’s Shoes: Kiss & Tell from ModDeals Adrienne’s Hair and Makeup: family friend Florist: Bride’s creation Cake: Mother of the Bride Music:  Guitarist, Jared Totten



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    j1 Jillian & Ryan ENG-1-2014 Jillian & Ryan ENG-5-2014 Jillian & Ryan ENG-15-2014 Jillian & Ryan ENG-24-2014 Jillian & Ryan ENG-27-2014 Jillian & Ryan ENG-29-2014 Jillian & Ryan ENG-51-2014 jillian&alex2 jillian&alex5 jillian&alex6 jillian&ryan3 jillian&ryan4

    Jillian and Ryan are getting married in August and we are so excited!  They were a delightful couple to photograph with lots of smiles and tons of laughter. Congrats you two!


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    Jana & Brett-3-2014smaller BLOG Verticle-Horizontal Template copy3 BLOG Verticle-Horizontal Template4 BLOG Verticle-Horizontal Template copy  Jana & Brett-12-2014 Jana & Brett-13-2014 Jana & Brett-18-2014 Jana & Brett-20-2014 Jana & Brett-39-2014

    Jana and Brett met and fell head over heels in love at Creighton University.  The proposal took place in the gardens on campus, which made for a meaningful and beautiful spot for part of their engagement shoot.  Congrats you two!


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    j+t1Jessica & Treghtin WED-16-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-18-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-19-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-45-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-40-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-44-2014

    Jessica & Treghtin WED-57-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-77-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-95-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-86-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-87-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-89-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-94-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-103-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-110-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-118-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-128-2014Jessica & Treghtin WED-134-2014j+t3j+22Jessica & Treghtin WED-432-2014


    We were thrilled to capture Jessica and Treighin’s wedding day.  Everything from the customized Chuck Taylor’s, to the windy bridge ceremony, to the beautiful venue made for a fantastic day.  Congrats you two!


    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Videographer: Tin Box Weddings Ceremony Venue: Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge & Joslyn Art Museum Reception Venue: Joslyn Art Museum Rings: Borsheim’s  Jessica’s Bridal Gown: Bridal Traditions Treightin’s Bridal Gown: Brides by Demetrios at Macy’s Bridal Salon Jessica and Treightin’s Shoes: Converse Custom Treightin’s Hair and Makeup: Esther Morris at Curb Appeal Jessica’s Hair: Alecia Filbrandt at Mod Studio Jessica’s Makeup: Brenda Daly at Reflections Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bridal Traditions Men’s Formal Wear: Bridal Traditions Florist: Piccolo’s Floral Cake: Glaze Your Way Music: Image Entertainment Transportation:  VIP Limo Photo Booth: Come Together Photo Booth Rentals: AAA Rents 


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    Click on the photo below to watch Jennifer and Jason’s wedding video!

    Jennifer Jason WED-303-2013


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    Nina & Alex ENG-44-2014Nina & Alex ENG-46-2014alexnina22ninaalex1ninaalex3Nina & Alex ENG-41-2014Nina & Alex ENG-39-2014Nina & Alex ENG-36-2014Nina & Alex ENG-35-2014Nina & Alex ENG-30-2014Nina & Alex ENG-24-2014Nina & Alex ENG-26-2014Nina & Alex ENG-23-2014Nina & Alex ENG-3-2014Nina & Alex ENG-21-2014Nina & Alex ENG-20-2014

    Nina and Alex were a great couple to photograph, their baby girl made for some adorable family photos. We are looking forward to their fall wedding.

    Congrats Nina and Alex!


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    jenjason1Jennifer Jason WED-33-2013Jennifer Jason WED-100-2013jenjason2Jennifer Jason WED-215-2013Jennifer Jason WED-223-2013jenjason4Jennifer Jason WED-304-2013Jennifer Jason WED-352-2013Jennifer Jason WED-370-2013Jennifer Jason WED-349-2013Jennifer Jason WED-17-2013Jennifer Jason WED-94-2013Jennifer Jason WED-412-2013Jennifer Jason WED-422-2013

    Jennifer and Jason had a gorgeous day from start to finish.  We were thrilled to capture their beautiful wedding and the love they share.

    Congratulations Jennifer and Jason!

    Photographer: Tin Box Weddings Reception Venue & Ceremony: Bella Terre Rings: Bride’s Rings: Tiffany & Co; Groom’s Ring: Malashocks Bridal Gown: Suburban Bridal Bridesmaids’ Dresses: David’s Bridal, Dillard’s and online vendors (the bridesmaids picked out their own dresses.) Groommens’ Attire: Tip Top Tux Florist: Hy-Vee Council Bluffs Cake: Hy-vee Council Bluffs Caterer: Hy-Vee Council Bluffs Music: Complete Music Video Photo Rentals: Nostalgia Rentals, Lincoln Wedding Planner: Nebraska Weddings Unveiled Honeymoon Destination: Puerto Morelos, Mexico



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    Check out Jennifer and Jason’s Love Story.  Click on the photo below to play the video. Click to Play


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    Aaron & Savannah ENG-1-2014 Aaron & Savannah ENG-8-2014

    Aaron & Savannah Horizontal_1Aaron & Savannah ENG-9-2014

    Aaron & Savannah Horizontal_2Aaron & Savannah ENG-11-2014Aaron & Savannah ENG-21-2014 Aaron & Savannah Horizontal_3Aaron & Savannah ENG-37-2014Aaron & Savannah ENG-42-2014Aaron & Savannah ENG-43-2014Aaron & Savannah ENG-44-2014Aaron & Savannah ENG-45-2014Aaron & Savannah ENG-47-2014

    We couldn’t have asked for a more adorable couple to photograph, so fun and playful! Congratulations, Savannah and Aaron!


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    _MG_5622-Edit-Edit-Edit  _MG_6076-Edit _MG_5906-Edit _MG_5842-Edit _MG_5765-Edit _MG_5748-Edit _MG_5740-Edit _MG_5733-Edit _MG_5732-Edit _MG_5699-Edit _MG_5678-Edit-Edit-Edit    


    Kristin & Adam kept each other cozy and warm with lots of snuggles together and with their adorable puppy. Melted our hearts. Congrats you two!


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    Danielle & Chuck ENG-20-2014 Danielle & Chuck ENG-10-2014 Danielle & Chuck ENG-21-2014 Danielle & Chuck ENG-16-2014    Danielle & Chuck ENG-12-2014   Danielle & Chuck ENG-49-2014 Danielle & Chuck ENG-43-2014 Danielle & Chuck ENG-39-2014 Danielle & Chuck ENG-54-2014 Danielle & Chuck ENG-51-2014   Danielle & Chuck ENG-58-2014     Danielle & Chuck ENG-94-2014 Danielle & Chuck ENG-103-2014 Danielle & Chuck ENG-100-2014 Danielle & Chuck ENG-99-2014 Danielle & Chuck ENG-115-2014      

    A dreamy sun-kissed winter engagement session with Chuck & Danielle. Look for images from their wedding this summer!


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: engagement

    _MG_8947 _MG_9146 _MG_9207 _MG_5461-Edit _MG_5476 _MG_9380 _MG_9461 _MG_9485 _MG_9497 _MG_9526 _MG_5536 _MG_5580 _MG_5587 _MG_5622 _MG_9608 _MG_5637 _MG_5681 _MG_9660 _MG_9676 _MG_5786 _MG_9754 _MG_9758 _MG_5817 _MG_9776 _MG_9783 _MG_9788 _MG_5840 _MG_9806 _MG_5847 _MG_5850 _MG_5851 _MG_9899 _MG_9910

    Melinda and Chandler are dear friends, so it was both a honor and truly special for us to shoot their engagement photos. Add to that the family farm setting where many special memories have been made for these two and the super adorable Kia and you have nothing short of dreamy.

    Congratulations on your engagement, Melinda and Chandler!




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    jennifer_jason eng-2013-8

    jennifer_jason eng-2013-12 jennifer_jason eng-2013-31 jennifer_jason eng-2013-32 jennifer_jason eng-2013-33

    jennifer_jason eng-2013-37-2 jennifer_jason eng-2013-38 jennifer_jason eng-2013-39 jennifer_jason eng-2013-41 jennifer_jason eng-2013-43 jennifer_jason eng-2013-46 jennifer_jason eng-2013-47 jennifer_jason eng-2013-50 jennifer_jason eng-2013-51

    Jennifer and Jason were a fantastic couple to photograph! We loved the bicycles they incorporated into their engagement session. Congratulations!



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    Cassie & Bryan WED-3-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-8-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-9-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-18-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-20-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-22-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-43-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-44-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-45-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-47-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-51-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-72-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-73-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-86-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-88-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-91-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-94-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-109-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-113-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-133-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-138-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-247-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-254-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-257-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-268-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-271-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-273-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-297-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-329-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-331-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-354-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-363-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-376-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-377-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-378-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-418-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-432-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-450-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-472-2013 Cassie & Bryan WED-509-2013

    Cassie and Bryan were married on a gorgeous sunny day in October. They had a wonderful outdoor ceremony at NP Dodge Park Pavilion. Cassie and Bryan focused on having a relaxed wedding day, surrounded by family and friends. The happy couple used a variety of services by friends and acquaintances which added a personal touch to their day. Their love for each other and for their families was evident to all their guests.

    Congratulations, Cassie and Bryan!

    Ceremony and Reception Location NP Dodge Park Pavilion Bridal Gown J. Crew Bride’s Shoes Tony Lama Cowboy Boots Men’s formalwear Men’s Wearhouse Hair and makeup Kristy Cruse from Hairrington’s in Lincoln Rings Elder’s Jewelry in Lincoln Floral HyVee Floral Cake Pie from Whole Foods Market and Lithuanian Torte from Lithuanian Bakery and Cafe Transportation Nebraska Party Bus Music / DJ Shawn Schmalken of Omaha Photographer / Videographer Tin Box Weddings



    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: helpful wedding advice, omaha wedding, Omaha wedding photography, wedding, wedding photography

    Your fiancé has just proposed, and now the exciting wedding planning begins! If you’ve already started your wedding planning, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are so many wedding planning resources available to you, so how do you choose? Whether you’ve started or not, take a deep breath, relax, and head over to one of our favorite wedding planning sites,

    Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 3.00.26 PM

    My Wedding is an excellent, all-in-one resource for wedding planning.
    Collect wedding ideas from real weddings, then start the search for the essentials for your special day. Search for the perfect gown from dozens of bridal gown designers, find beautiful bridesmaid dresses, and even find styles for the groomsmen. If your style is Hollywood glamour or rustic chic, the location a romantic vineyard or beautiful beach, there are dozens of ideas and options to make the day uniquely you.

    After you’ve started the idea process, set up a free, customizable website, so you can announce your engagement and wedding details to family and friends. Pick from hundreds of templates to create the perfect website that showcases your personality perfectly. Share your beautiful love story with the world, list accommodations and attractions for your wedding guests, or display engagement photos.

    If you’re feeling stress due to the budget or the to-do wedding list, use the free budgeting and planning tools provided. Calculate costs for everything from the dress to the reception hall, from catering to transportation. Create a checklist so every last detail is completed on time.

    One final fantastic feature is MyNameChange. This service is the easiest and fastest way for a bride to change her name legally. After submitting your information, you’ll receive a packet of information that will streamline the name change process for your driver’s license and passport. Using MyNameChange will let you spend more time with your new spouse, rather than filling out endless paperwork.

    While wedding planning can be an overwhelming process, it can be easier with the help of a great website like My Wedding. Don’t forget to check out Tin Box Weddings for your photography and videography needs!

    Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 3.00.37 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 3.00.58 PM



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    Tin Box Weddings had a fantastic time at the Wedding Essentials Bridal University last Sunday. We met hundreds of beautiful brides, scored some fantastic samples of wedding cake, and enjoyed meeting many other vendors from the Omaha area and beyond. We loved the bridal fashion show, featuring gorgeous wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses for the ladies, and classy suits for the gentlemen.

    Tin Box - Bridal Fair

    Tin Box Wedding’s booth.


    Wedding Gowns

    A few of the wedding gowns on display.

    If you missed out on Wedding Essential’s Bridal University last week, Bridal Fair 2014 is happening this Sunday! Check out the tips we posted last week about navigating a bridal fair. Don’t forget to say hi to Jordan and Vivian at the Tin Box Wedding booth! We’d love to see you there.


    If you go: Bridal Fair 2014 / CenturyLink Center / 405 N. 10th St, Omaha, NE / 11 AM – 3 PM / Preregistered tickets: $8 / At the door: $10 / Register Here


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    The 2014 wedding season is here, and everyone is engaged! Let the fun and planning begin.

    To celebrate with you Tin Box is offering FREE LOVE stories with all packages booked in the month of January.

    Be sure to contact us right away to schedule an appointment and see if we are a match made in heaven. Book your wedding package this month and receive a FREE LOVE STORY. It will likely be one of the biggest highlights of your wedding day (next of course to saying “I do”).

    Love- Tin Box Weddings

    Check out a Tin Box Love Story




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    Calling all brides! Wedding Essentials Bridal University is this Sunday!

    Bridal University is the premier bridal event of Omaha, Nebraska. Check out the New Look Runway, showcasing the latest gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and tuxes. Discover vendors to help you craft your perfect wedding day: catering, reception halls, photographers and videographers, wedding cake bakers, and more. And of course don’t forget to stop by the Tin Box Weddings booth.

    So grab your girlfriends and review these 5 tips for a successful bridal event.

    1. Know your stuff. Set expectations before the event. Plan your wedding budget so that you know how much you’re willing to spend on a dress, cake baker, transportation, or location. When you meet vendors, you will immediately know if you can afford their services, or if you need to keep looking!

    2. Keep a clear head. Bring along the important people! Invite your mom or another relative, your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and your groom. Get their input on whether a vendor is right for your wedding.

    3. Avoid writers cramp. Print out address labels with necessary information, such as your name, address, email, phone number, and wedding date. Instead of filling out all the information cards provided by vendors by hand, you’ll be able to peel off a label and put it on the card, and head off to meet the next vendor.

    4. Keep an open mind. Talk to a variety of vendors – photographers, videographers, cake bakers, wedding planners, hair stylists, makeup artists, and bridal store consultants. You never know what gem you may find.  Pick up business cards, pamphlets, and other information, so you remember who you spoke with.

    5. Have fun! Enjoy fashion bridal gown runways, sample food tastings if available, and gather decorating ideas for your special day. Make a day of the bridal event: savor a delicious brunch before, attend the event, and discuss wedding plans over tasty cocktails in the evening.

    Bridal University / January 12, 2014 / 10 AM – 3 PM / Mid-America Center / $10 in advance / $12 at the door / Purchase tickets

    Can’t make it this weekend? Check out the Bridal Fair / January 19th, 2014


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    _MG_2115 _MG_2125 _MG_2131 _MG_2144 _MG_2190 _MG_2194 _MG_2221 _MG_2238 _MG_2245 _MG_2266 _MG_2268 _MG_2284 _MG_2343 _MG_2348 _MG_2371 _MG_2380 _MG_2391

    Christy and Mitch’s engagement session was absolutely fabulous! Their love for each other was evident throughout the entire day. Congratulations, Christy and Mitch!


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    _MG_7255 Gabe & Ashley ENG-6-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-8-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-19-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-24-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-25-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-28-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-30-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-35-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-36-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-37-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-39-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-44-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-46-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-48-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-53-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-54-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-60-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-61-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-66-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-67-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-70-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-75-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-76-2013 Gabe & Ashley ENG-86-2013On a crisp fall day, this rad couple, Gabe and Ashley celebrated their engagement with  Tin Box Weddings. Congratulations, Ashley and Gabe!



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    Comb0_1Vanessa & Bryan WED-7-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-11-2013

    Vanessa & Bryan WED-20-2013

    Vanessa & Bryan WED-22-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-31-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-38-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-49-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-58-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-72-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-76-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-123-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-125-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-133-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-141-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-145-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-162-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-187-2013 Combo _ 2 Combo_3Vanessa & Bryan WED-203-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-258-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-288-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-334-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-336-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-359-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-362-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-376-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-377-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-382-2013 Vanessa & Bryan WED-437-2013Vanessa and Bryan’s wedding day was picture perfect: a beautiful bride and a handsome groom, surrounded by the ones they love, with an amazing array of desserts prepared by the bride and the groom’s mother.

    Their wedding focused on handmade details and handmade desserts. Vanessa hand lettered invitations and the chalkboard details featured throughout the reception space. Her bridesmaids helped assemble the bouquets and the men’s boutonnieres. Vases and jars for decorations were thrifted from local shops in Omaha. One of the most important details of the gorgeous day was the dessert. Bryan’s mom, a wonderful baker, made an assortment of delicious pies, using apples from the family farm in Dubuque, Iowa, as well as cherries pitted lovingly by Bryan’s grandma. The desserts didn’t stop there, though. Vanessa’s sister created tasty vegan fruit pies and vegan chocolate mousse pies, which were a big hit at the reception.

    Congratulations, Bryan and Vanessa!

    Ceremony Location Lucile’s Old Market Reception Location Garden Courtyard at Lucile’s Old Market Bridal Gown Vera Wang White from David’s Bridal Bride’s Shoes  Steve Madden from DSW Men’s formalwear  Vera Wang Black from Men’s Wearhouse Hair and makeup  Lacey Ward for T’eez – A Thomas Sena Salon Rings Borsheim’s Floral All arrangements were made by Vanessa and her bridesmaids. The flowers were ordered wholesale from, Sam’s Club, and AmazonFlowers.usCake Vanessa, a classically trained chef, created the wedding cake. The cake was six  layers with alternating blueberry and lemon curd filling covered in vanilla Italian meringue buttercream. Vanessa also designed the cake topper. Hotel Embassy Suites Old Market Music / DJ  Billy Sobczyk, Omaha Jitterbugs instructor Photographer/Videographer TinBox Weddings






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    They say love is blind, but not for this couple, though they are both legally blind, they know exactly what love is about and it shines around them whenever they are together.

    We enjoyed a weekend of shooting engagement photos and a love story with Danny & Rob in Minneapolis, MN where they live, work and play.  We are so excited to share these sweet photos on our blog.

    -Congrats Danny & Rob


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    The glamour, intimacy,  and sparkle of the roaring 20′s is back on the wedding scene after the smashing release of The Great Gatsby film based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel. We couldn’t be more excited to see this fabulous style sweep through 2013-2014 weddings. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Tin Box Weddings was invited to shoot the exclusive Gatsby Inspired Wedding editorial for Wedding Essentials Magazine.  Check out the magazine spread below, pick up a copy today and visit Wedding Essentials Online for more wedding inspiration.

    With the talent of local Omaha wedding vendors, the fabulous Wedding Essentials team and Tin Box Weddings amazing crew,  we set out to recreate and photograph the elegance, opulence and carefree 20′s glamour of a Gatsby inspired wedding day right here in Omaha, Nebraska.

    - Vivian & Jordan Green

    Contact any of these talented wedding vendors to talk about your own Gatsby Style Wedding details.

    Wardrobe styling by Cora Coppock
    Hair and makeup styling by Eric Burden and Rebecca Forsyth for  BUNGALOW/8 Hairdressing
    Table styling  by James Laurent;
    Rings by Mark Edward Private Jeweler
    Hair Clips and Earrings from Ready or Knot {Wedding Chic}
    Wedding Gowns from Ready or Knot {Wedding Chic}
    Cake design by Alotta Brownies
    Men’s wardrobe by Von Maur
    Appetizers by Attitude on Food
    Floral design by Loess Hills Floral Studio
    Photography by Tin Box Weddings

    Locations: Omaha Prime Restaurant and Havana Garage in Omaha’s Old Market

    A styled shoot by Wedding Essentials Magazine, Fall & Winter 2013, brought to you by the Omaha World-Herald


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    We were so glad to be a part of Melissa & Demetri’s wedding from start to finish through engagement photos, wedding day photography, and creating a heartfelt Love Story Film. These two are such a perfect match and it was obvious throughout the day as they shared sweet moments and special looks all day.  We had a great time creating their own personal paparazzi through photo and film all wedding day.

    By far our favorite moment was seeing their expressions when they saw each other for the first time during their private first look moment. We love these first look moments; the emotion is so real and the photos are exciting. Melissa’s dress was stunning with gorgeous detail. She had an exquisite veil, hair pieces and garter made by Courtney Zurcher, owner of Inez Gill. Demetri was dressed sharp in a khaki suit.  Their whole wedding day was filled with beautiful friends and family, with many of Demetri’s family traveling in from Greece.  

    The reception was a proper Greek-fun-love-filled wedding affair with traditional Greek music and dancing at the Bella Terre Vineyard reception. The Love Story Film we created with Melissa & Demtri was a huge hit at the reception. The whole room collectively erupted in laughter as Melissa & Demetri teased each other on camera. A few tears fell when they shared how much they love one another. A beautiful wedding with a gorgeous couple.

    - Congratulations from Tin Box Weddings -

    Getting Ready: Embassy Suites — Omaha, NE
    Ceremony: St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church — Omaha, NE
    Reception: BellaTerre Vineyard — Glenwood, IA
    Photography: Tin Box Weddings — Jordan & Vivian
    Love Story: Tin Box Weddings
    Hair: Tarah Nelson from Rain Salon (phone: 402-578-8582)
    Hair Accessories: Courtney Zurcher, owner of Inez Gill (
    Makeup: Charmaine Nicole, owner of Channell Your Beauty (phone: 402-630-3450)
    Flowers: Mark Griffith, owner of Shamrock & Thistle (phone: 402-452-4066)




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    Green socks, laughter and happiness.

    We arrived on the wedding day to find beautiful Christy applying last touches and surrounded by laughing girlfriends. Mitch and the guys folded pocket squares and joked about the day ahead. A fun tone certainly enveloped the start of what would be a perfect wedding day. May in Omaha, Nebraska did not disappoint, with every moment warm, sunny and in bloom. There were so many great surprises and sweet moments throughout this special couples wedding day. We were so glad to be a part of their wedding from start to finish through engagement photoswedding day photography, filming a heartfelt Love Story Video and creating a crazy fun photo booth at the reception.

    -Congratulations from Tin Box Weddings -

    Our favorite wedding day moments.
    We all took in a breath of awe as Christy walked down the long and gorgeous isle of First Central Congregational Church for the special reveal moment with Mitch. These are so much fun to be a part of. Christy & Mitch recorded special surprise video messages with us for their parents and played these during the spotlight dances. On top of these sweet touches Mitch surprised his new bride with a video message of personal vows to her during their first dance. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! We were thrilled to provide these special video touches (yes, Tin Box does really cool wedding videos too).

    The Love Story we created with Christy & Mitch was a huge hit, with happy tears all around. Christy & Mitch waited to see it until the wedding reception and it felt like such a meaningful piece we could present these two love birds!

    Details we loved.

    The guys wore an assortment of fun green socks.

    Confetti filled party poppers were perfect for the church exit photos.

    A classy cigar table.

    Guest signed messages of Jenga Game pieces instead of a guest book- awesome!

    Getting Ready: First Congregational Church -Omaha, NE

    Ceremony: First Congregational Church -Omaha, NE

    Reception: Tip Top Ballroom -Omaha, NE

    Photography: Tin Box Weddings // Jordan & Vivian

    Love Story: Tin Box Weddings

    Special Video Messages: Tin Box Weddings

    Photo Booth: Tin Box To Go // Ben & Gabe


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    Spring time sweetness sprinkled with beautiful snow flakes. Liz & Austin’s early spring wedding was such a pleasure to be part of. The couple and their amazing friends had the sweetest wedding with not a single stressful moment in sight. The day was crisp and clear and later big romantic snowflakes floated down, making for the coziest of receptions.

    -Congratulations from Tin Box Weddings -

    Getting Ready: Champions Run- Omaha, NE
    Ceremony:  Lifegate Church - Papillion, NE
    Reception:  Champions Run- Omaha, NE
    Photography: Tin Box Weddings


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    Who says your wedding should be on a Saturday? Not us!

    In fact, you save 10% off all our photo or film packages just because we love creative couples.

    So go ahead! Plan your wedding on a sunny Tuesday afternoon or create a sophisticated Friday night wedding and you could save up to $1000!

    Email us to schedule your free consultation.

    Want to break with a few other traditions but keep it classy? Check out “The Bride Who Broke the Rules”
    Wedding Essentials Magazine.
    Photos by yours truly, Tin Box Weddings.

    For more browse these 20 unique and memorable wedding ideas at poptasticbride.


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    [wedding highlight film]

    Click above to view Holly & Andrew’s wedding highlight film from their gorgeous wedding in Galena, IL  - Tin Box Weddings



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    Winter wonder-lovely wedding! We were so pleased to shoot Laura & Eric’s January wedding. It was a gorgeous crisp and clear day and this bride wasn’t about to let a little chill keep her and the wedding party from grabbing some sweet shots out-of-doors!

    -Congratulations from Tin Box Weddings -

    Getting Ready: 1316 Jones St.- Omaha, NE
    Ceremony:  1316 Jones St. - Omaha, NE
    Reception:  1316 Jones St.- Omaha, NE
    Photography: Tin Box Weddings  [Elements]


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    Check out our updated packages and find exactly what you need for your wedding!


    We have simplified our collections, added some special features, and once-again upped the coolness factor when it comes to wedding photography. We have an ideal package to match your style, not the “industry standard” because frankly, we like to lead, not follow!


    Click on the links below to find out more, or visit our website at and see how we will bring your wedding to life here in Omaha or anywhere in the world your dream wedding takes you.


    [Exclusive Package — $3800, 10+ hours photo coverage & includes ceremony filming]

    [Essentials Package — $2500, 8 hours photo coverage]

    [Elements Package — $1500, 6 hours photo coverage]

    [Wedding Day Film — $3000 added to any photo package; $3700 à la carte]

    [Love Story Film — $850 added to any photo package; $1250 à la carte]

    [Ceremony Film — $500 added to any photo package; $650 à la carte]


    Tin Box Weddings

    Our email address is:

    Our website is:


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    Finding the perfect venue for your wedding is a big deal.  The location, look, feel and service make a huge statement about your wedding. As photographers and videographers  we get to see a lot of different venues so we have decided to share our two-cents as we get to experience venues with our couples.

    Sheraton Omaha Hotel

    655 N 108th Avenue, Omaha, NE  68154

    The Sheraton Hotel Omaha is perfectly located at the heart of Omaha on 108th right off Dodge. We recently took a tour of the venue (we like to check out places for our couples!) with Richard Webb, Sheratons sales manager. Richard is extreamly knowledgeable about the venue and I was struck by how  “un-salesy”  he is. I would say he is more of an advocate, excited  to help couples make their wedding dreams possible.  “Communication is key.” He states. “If you communicate what you want, what you envision, I will go to bat for you and fight to make it possible as much as I can.” Wow! That’s certainly the person I would want to work with.

    After booking the venue, couples work with Wedding Specialist and Catering Sales Manager, Ellie Herschlag, who helps to arrange all the fine and fun details. Richard though still stays involved, “I don’t believe in just selling something to you, I want to make sure you have a great experience. It’s about relationships.”

    The Sheraton used to be The Crown Point, about a year ago it received beautiful renovations brining it up to Starwoods high and tasteful standards. The exterior is not particularly special, though not offensive. However, the interior ambiance is elegant and intimate with just enough modern touches to make it very versatile with your decoration choices. Venue space is customizable accommodating a small intimate gathering or a large wedding celebration.

    The Sheraton is a great choice for many couples, especially with it’s perfect location to anywhere in Omaha. Easy for guests and wedding party alike to travel to the ceremony, hair salons or a golf outing. A helpful service is a free shuttle wherever you, your wedding party or guests need to go within 5 miles. “Sometimes we can shuttle farther, just communicate what you need, that is key.”


    Location, location, location! New renovations, staff who will pay attention to every detail, free shuttle services. They have lists of helpful vendors, and contacts for professionals you may need such as audio/visuals services to ensure your Love Story is played without a hitch.


    Not much in the way of outdoor venue space, no salon on premises (though free shuttle service is offered!).

     [venue contact]

    Richard James Webb

    t — 402.516.1254 f — 402.493.8848





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    Congrats to our winners at the Wedding Essentials Idea Show!

    Free Engagement or Bridal Photo Session with Tin Box Weddings ($250 value)

    Winners: Andrea McQuinn, Bridget Hanlon, Evelyn Williams & Allison Brown!

    We can’t wait to get in touch and start shooting for each of you. Look for an email to set up your session coming soon.



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    [View Wedding Film] Samantha & Randy

    [wedding film] Samantha & Randy

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    Boots, Boots, Boots! That is what this bride is all about! We loved the opportunity to shoot Renae and Nate’s wedding. Jordan and I (Vivian) were in the photo program at Metro Community College together with Renae, so it was quite an honor (no pressure there!).

    They had a fantastic wedding with a rambunctiously fun wedding party and lots of loving family and friends to surround them throughout the day. That’s what it is all about.

    Loved little touches, like charms with grandparents pictures added to the bouquet, a cupcake and pie selection to make any wedding cake blush, and an assortment of glass bottles with bright flower center pieces creating cheerful spots of color.

    It was so much fun to photograph for such an awesome friend and classmate and her super fun man. Thanks for the opportunity and HAPPY WEDDEDNESS!

    <3 Vivian & Jordan

    Getting Ready: St. James Catholic Church – Omaha, NE
    Ceremony:  St. James Catholic Church – Omaha, NE
    Reception:  Cherry Hills Event Center- Omaha, NE
    Photography: Tin Box Weddings  [Elements]


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    Megan contacted us just a month or so out from her wedding- “my photographer fell through”, she emailed. Worst nightmare right?! However, we are so glad that our Tin Box Elements team was available to shoot Megan & Jamie’s wedding because it sang with creative little details, sunny filled fun, and a gorgeous sunset thrown in. Megan & Jamie are a perfect couple to work with, all smiles and totally in love. Their summer out-of-doors wedding was dotted with cute decorations and personal touches from the sunglasses and bug spray for guests to little jars with candles hung in the trees, personalized coasters, and bright flower arrangements and a custom photo booth. We kept discovering great personal details throughout the day!

    A fun element was the dessert table and ALL the wedding cakes. Not just one pretty wedding cake, but also an ice cream cake, a wedding cookie AND cupcakes!

    The whole day felt so genuine and love filled, we are so glad that this adorable couple chose us to capture the story of their wedding day! Happy Marriage to Megan & Jamie!

    Getting Ready: Weiss Studios and Gardens - Springfield, NE
    Ceremony:  Weiss Studios and Gardens – Springfield, NE
    Reception:  Weiss Studios and Gardens – Springfield, NE
    Photography: Tin Box Weddings  [Elements]


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    Samantha & Randy woke up on their wedding day to a lovely summer rain. Rain on a wedding of course is “good luck” and they didn’t let it phase them for a minute. We arrived at Grandmas house where Samantha was looking beautiful and perfectly relaxed with her good friends and family. Randy, as always, was smiling and so very sweet. Perfect way to start a wedding day!

    Outside for pictures, the colors were vibrant and sparkling, again perfect! Thankfully one of our Tin Box Team had a cute umbrella for our first few snaps before the rain blew away. With plenty of picture perfect spots around Grandma’s garden and such a great wedding party and easy going couple, we captured some fantastic memory photographs.

    After an sweet intimate ceremony, the reception started full swing with much laughter, family, friends, good food and all kinds of dancing; lasting well into the wee hours. These have to be among my favorite bride dancing pictures so far! Samantha is just having a blast!

    Enjoy the preview and look forward to more on the way.

    All the best to Samantha & Randy- The newly weds…

    Getting Ready: Grandmother’s House
    Ceremony:  The Thompson Center – Omaha, NE
    Reception:  The Thompson Center – Omaha, NE
    Photography: Tin Box Weddings


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    Albums are not just for the newly married- these are great for families, babies and seniors and you save special memories to share and enjoy for years ahead! Also a great Christmas gift idea! Get in touch to get your album started right away.


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    Planning out your wedding day may seem like a daunting task- especially for those of us who didn’t go to school for event planning (people get degrees in this!) Take a deep breath and follow these tips for planning your day.


    1) Make it simple and use a template like these at or Mrs. Daffodils Wedding Weekend Organizational Packet  & Wedding Chicks Templates

    Be sure to email it out to your wedding party, family and vendors at least a week before the wedding. Then have a few copies on hand too. Need more help?! Check out Budget Brides Guide


    2) Remember to eat. Even if you are not hungry chances are your wedding party will be famished after hitting the salon or golf course. Plan an hour to eat. Tips for what to eat at SHAPE


    3) Plan some time to yourself. Having been a bride I would say this is one of the best things we did! We planned a leisurly morning (if you can’t the morning of, think about the wedding-eve) where I went for a walk and journaled with a coffee for an hour. Jordan slept in and grabbed coffee with his closest friend. Nice start to the day.


    4) Plan some time TOGETHER! Sounds strange, after all won’t you be together ALL day? Well, kind-of… but there is so much going on, so many people to see, and so much fun to have. Actually schedule some time together, maybe before the wedding during a first-look moment, or right after the ceremony or at the reception slip away for 15 min. The main thing is WRITE it in the schedule.


    5) Talk to your vendors and see what time frames they need for set up, preparations and clean up. Take your cues from them. Don’t cut your vendors short on time, they have been doing this forever and know exactly how much time is appropriate.


    Tin Box Wedding suggests you consider these time frames for photography…


    Hair & Makeup- 45min. The best case scenario is to arrive as you have your finishing touches done where you are getting dressed. We will then grab shots of your hair and ask you to touch up your makeup up or have your maid of honor, grandmother or mom fuss around you a bit- for a few pretty shots! Do you need pictures first thing at the salon? Probably not, at the very start there isn’t much to take pictures of and no one is looking quite their best :)
    Getting dressed- 1 hour of getting dressed time, that way we can take our time, set up lovely and cool shots of you getting ready, putting on the dress, shoes, jewelry, garter, and beautiful portraits. This doesn’t include hair & makeup.
     Reveal with your sweat heart before the ceremony (which I highly suggest!)-1/2 hour, plus any travel time if you want to go to a special location such as the church/venue or wherever we will take pictures of the wedding party. This is usually a perfectly special moment for the couple to truly see one another alone and for the first time. It’s a quite moment together before the rush and festivities of the day.
    Wedding Party Pictures – 1-1.5 hours plus travel time to location. Some choose to do a few before and more after the ceremony or all before or all after. Your choice!
    Between Time- 45 min between photo’s and the ceremony to relax and do any final touch ups. This is also our time to be set and ready for the ceremony. This is important time to guard.
    Formal/Family Pictures – 30-45min before or after the ceremony depending on how many groups you want. Before is ideal, if you are ok with seeing one another. You will want to inform family before the wedding so they know who needs to be there and at what time. If you are choosing for after the ceremony have your officiant announce for family to stay as one more reminder, otherwise it’s easy to loose people in the excitement.
    At the reception we just need a little lead time to know what is coming up to be ahead and set.



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    Abby & Mike have a fun and teasing relationship, and have for many years- so when Mike proposed, Abby was ready with a quick yes! Wedding plans ensued, cake, dress, flowers, church, photographer, planing- planning- planning. What they didn’t plan for- Abby getting sick with the flu, yep, on her wedding day! Abby though, was not about to give up her special day, no way! After a few visits to the Dr. and rest she was ready to go.

    As the wedding drew closer all thoughts of illness slipped away. Bridesmaids rallied around and the excitement of zipping into pale yellow dresses and touching up lipstick took over. Abby glowed slipping into a frothy princess dress, touched up pretty curls and her grandmother fastened her necklace. Mike grinned buttoning up and straightening his tie- this is going to happen! Mike & Abby are getting married.

    The church was packed shoulder to shoulder with well wishers, family and friends. The couple had a special ceremony with Abby’s Grandfather performing the ceremony. How fantastic is that?! With the knot tied the newlyweds headed into a fun evening of pictures, dancing, good food and the all important photo booth.

    Congrats to you both- you have a great wedding story because it ends with, ” and they lived happily ever after!”

    Getting Ready: Aveda Serenity Salon – Des Moines, IA
    Ceremony: – First Presbyterian Church -Knoxville, IA
    Reception: – Bos Landen Golf Course -Pella, IA
    Photography: Tin Box Weddings


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    Lacey & Seth hold a special place in my (Vivian’s) heart as I know them both from Camp days when I was a counselor and they were camp kids, later becoming camp staff themselves. Two incredible individuals with kind giving hearts and tons of fun. Lacey is sweet with a generous sprinkling of spunkiness and Seth is creative and thoughtful towards others. Together they create a mix of love, fun and generous kindness. Fantastic mix.

    Lacey & Seth chose the Historical Meridian Bridge for their reveal- beautiful setting!  (Interesting side note- Jordan helped with the historic recordation of this bridge years before) Seth rocked a white suit and I mean he ROCKED it!  Lacey’s dress was a light and airy vision with a lovely silhouette and dainty lace details. Paired up with her cowgirl boots (LOVE IT!)- she was a vision with a touch of “Lacey-Like-Fun”.

    The wedding venue was both cool and super convenient with the ceremony upstairs and the reception downstairs.  It rocked blue painted walls, old tin ceilings, an entire wall of sunshine providing windows and best of all, a black and white checker floor. Super Cool!

    We were thrilled to be part of their day as photographers, and it was a joy to see two awesome people united in marriage. So very happy for both of you-  wishing many blissful years ahead to the Goulds!

    Getting Ready: Makeup Mary-Kay Consultant
    Ceremony: River Front Event Center -Yankton, SD
    Reception: River Front Event Center – Yankton, SD
    Photography: Tin Box Weddings


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    Booking with Tin Box Weddings is very simple. It’s not a horrible “car-sales” experience that many couples have come to expect with wedding vendors. Times have changed! We want to make this simple, easy and comfortable for everyone.

    The Tin Box Weddings “Process”-

    [1] First- let’s meet!  You are invited to our studios in the Old Market. From there we can grab a coffee in the area or just chat in the studio. The initial meeting is literally to meet! You need to know if you like Tin Box and want to have us be part of your day, and we need to know what you are looking for and how we best fit. Most of the time it ends up being a match made in heaven. Sometimes it’s not a perfect fit- that’s ok, no pressure, in fact we are happy to offer suggestions to connect you with another photographer.

    [2] You decide to book- great! All you do is fill out a contract and mail or drop it off with half of your package price. This holds your date and you can check it off your list. The remainder balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding date. This takes care of all the money issues ahead of time. No awkward exchange on your special day.

    [3] Time to shoot- yes! We will schedule all your pre-wedding shoots via email or phone. Your choice.

    [4] Planning- it’s no sweat! Come in for a meeting about 2 weeks before your wedding date. Out of town? No problem we can set up a skype appointment. At this meeting we will help you work through the wedding day schedule planning the best timing for photo ops, clarify any traveling and discuss the fine details of the day. This is such a great step, and you will leave feeling at ease.

    [5] It’s the wedding day- let’s shoot! We show up and make fantastic photo & film. You get married! Simple.

    [6] After the wedding- magic happens!  While you are away on your honeymoon in wedded bliss, we get to work on your photos & film. Wedding photo’s take about 4-6 weeks to sort, edit and make fantastic. Wedding films take about 2-3 months to sort, edit, and color grade to perfection. Watch for an up-coming blog on this process!

    [7] All finished- delivery! Everything is delivered via an online gallery for photo, and via vimeo links for your film. Fast. Easy. Ready to share.

    And that’s the way it’s done…


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    Once there was a girl named Katie. She loved pink & sparkles & most importantly she loved Dan. Dan asked Katie to marry him and she said yes, slipping on a beautiful sparkly ring and the beautiful wedding followed!

    We couldn’t believe how beautifully fairy-tail like and adorable Katie & Dan’s June wedding turned out! The fantastic little historic church in Bellevue, NE created the perfect backdrop to their simple & sweet pink decorations.

    Katie got ready with her girls and dressed in a lovely satin white gown with flower and sparkle accents.

    Just like Cinderella, who lost her glass slippers, Katie was bewildered when the limo driver drove away to another event with her pretty pink satin heels! Mother and Maid of Honor saved the day, and just in time, tracking down the driver.

    Katie walked down the aisle for a private reveal with her love Dan, who couldn’t stop beaming at his lovely soon-to-be wife. After the ceremony the church bells peeled happily while guests released balloons in celebration. Katie, Dan and the wedding party took off for a quick happy meal (fitting!), pictures with the Tin Box Team and dancing into the night.

    They live happily ever after now, as Mr. & Mrs. Congratulations!

    Getting Ready: Creative Hair Design
    Ceremony: Historic Presbyterian Church
    Reception: Anthony’s Steak House
    Photography: Tin Box Weddings


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    All the details from Molly & Tim’s wedding sang of vintage beauty! From her pretty ballet flats with sparkly bows, to her fabulous dress and birdcage veil right to the soft pastels of the bouquet. Molly & Tim’s daughter is an adorable highlight of the day and of course, their sweet family. Great work from our Tin Box Element’s photography team [Vivian & Jordan were away in Africa!]. Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.!

    Ceremony: St. Johns Church

    Reception: Scott Conference Center

    Photography: Tin Box Elements & Tyler of Bellus Photo + Film


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    Steven and Amy’s Wedding! Purples and Blues all came together in a gorgeous swirl of silky lace-up gowns, stunning orchids and stylish reception decor.                                     This funfunfun! couple met at the UNO library (see their engagement photo’s in our past blog) and their long lasting friendship finally brought them to – their WEDDING DAY!  Amy & Steven’s fantastic personalities shone all day, from getting ready, down the aisle and to the dance floor as they enjoyed wedded bliss with their lively wedding party. Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.!

    Getting Ready: Creative Hair Design

    Ceremony: Elkhorn Peace Presbyterian Church

    Reception: Indian Creek Country Club

    Photo  & Video: Tin Box Weddings


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    Congratulations Ian & Tara!

    Our first wedding of the year couldn’t have been more outstanding. April is such a gorgeous time with spring greens and soft pinks. Lovely colors for a lovely wedding.

    Ian was all smiles; and why shouldn’t he be? Tara is a sweet and fun bride.  I loved all her little extra touches throughout the wedding.

    Lace gloves?! Yes! Outstanding sparkles on her gown with a clever detachable train?! Yes! Surprise choreographed father daughter dance?! Yes!

    Lovely and Fun Filled Wedding?! Yes, Definitely!

    Enjoy these preview images of their beautiful Omaha Wedding Day!



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    Holly & Andrew don’t stop laughing and having a good time. These two are excited to tie the knot this fall. Laid back and super classy, Holly & Andrew are off to a great start for a fun filled engagement! Looking forward to their wedding day!


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    Amy & Steven met at the UNO library and after a long friendship they fell in love with each other. (Steven knew that Amy would eventually come around!) These two are such a chill couple with great personalities. Our team enjoyed shooting with them from the engagement shoot to their love story all the way to their big wedding day! A sneak peak at their wedding pictures are in the works. Congrats you two!


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    It’s our wedding month! So to celebrate, Tin Box is Offering a Wedding  special for all day photography booked today till our wedding date- March 31!

    Friday weddings are 30% off ($1750)
    Saturday weddings are 20% off ($2000) 

    Celebrate with us!


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    Kaitlin and Trevor are getting married and were one of our winners from the Wedding Essentials Bridal Show in January. They won a free engagement session with us and drove all the way from Kansas City last week for their shoot! Always a huge compliment when couples come from out of town to work with us.

    From the moment they walked in the door we knew this couple was going to be fun with all the light hearted banter and excited introductions. Kaitlin couldn’t have scheduled a better day- gorgeous light jacket weather and sparkly sunshine.

    With the nice weather we were itching to get outside and shoot our first engagement session of the year! The photos are fabulous due to Kaitlin and Trevor’s awesome personalities and a few of our Tin Box talents ;-)


  • [ TATE BABY ]


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    The Tate family introduces a third, making for a complete set of little musketeers!  The older boys favorite part of the session was exclaiming over baby brother in a suitcase. Really an odd concept when you think about it from their perspective.




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    Our second bridal show went great. I think we saw less brides than our first show in January due to the spectacular warm weather- BUT the brides we talked to were fabulous and we are having fun meeting with couples this week and next.

    The Wedding Inspirations Bridal Show had a lot to offer, with tons of out-of-the-norm vendors. During a quick stroll through the isles of wedding inspirations I saw lots of booths with products and ideas for wedding party gifts- very helpful for all brides.

    Many spas, fitness programs, salons, jewelry designers and even lingerie vendors were great additions to the regular bridal show fare of photographers, Dj’s, cakes and wedding venues.


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    Have you noticed the trend around Omaha seems to be that everyone’s engagement/senior/wedding photos are placed in the Old Market? While, we are indeed located in the Old Market ourselves, so it’s a convenient location for us, we like to customize our client’s photos as much as possible which includes going on location to various places. While you and your love may spend a lot of time in the Old Market, and it may just be “you” for a lot of people, it’s not the case, and becomes a “just because it’s cool” kind of thing. We want to get to know you, we want to go to the spots you frequent and be able to capture the essence and energy of your relationship in an image. If you’re looking for an engagement and wedding photographer, take us into consideration and come grab a cup of coffee with one of the members of your staff. We want to hear about and share your story.

    - The Tin Box Team


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    Makeup, it can make or break photos. Brides (and anyone getting their portraits taken in general) sometimes don’t know what’s too much or too little and what products to use and how to go about applying them. While exploring the grand expanse of the internets we came across a post from Faeye Photography in Michigan and thought that it was perfect for photo-ready makeup tips.

    Here’s 7 out of 15 of her tips that were our favorites. To read her full blog post go here.

    1. Be Yourself.

    Nobody wants a photograph of a stranger hanging over the mantle! Whether you hire a professional or you do your own makeup, remember that it’s still your face under there. Should you enhance your already stunning appearance? Yes. Should you diminish minor flaws such as acne? Yes. Should you change your generally natural look to that of the esteemed Cyndi Lauper, or vice versa? No. Anyone looking at a portrait of you ultimately wants to see you. You as they know you, you as they love you…not who you think you would be if you wore bright red lipstick every day. On the other hand, if you DO wear red lipstick every day, wouldn’t a photograph of you look odd without that trademark? Make what you are and already do better (following the rest of these tips will help!).

    2. No Fake Tan. 

    Don’t do it. Not the spray tan, not the lotion, none of it. If you’re tan, you’re tan. If you’re not, you’re not. I’m not sure when skin damage and cancer risk became sexy, but I wish it never had. All of us have heard, seen, or experienced a horror story or two about a bad fake tan, and the worst possible time to have one of your own is before your wedding or photo session. The fact is that this is the worst thing you can do, photo wise, to your skin. I can remove a pimple, but it’s nigh on impossible for me to change your skin tone. When faced with Oompa-Loompa skin, you would probably receive all black and white proofs from me.

    3. Use a Professional When You Can.

    If it’s your wedding day, it will be much less stressful if you have already worked out the details of your makeup with a professional with a clear chart. You will rest easy knowing you’ll look great. Plus, many wedding makeup artists use airbrush makeup, which is practically unsurpassed in quality and makes for amazing photographs. If it’s just a regular photo session (portrait, boudoir, etc.), ask your photographer if there’s someone they recommend using that they’ve worked with before and understands the specific needs of being photographed, and if they will get a discount for using that makeup artist. If you’ve hired me as your photographer, I offer makeup consultation upgrades to all of my sessions except weddings, and I would be happy to help you look your best! If you can’t afford or don’t want to use a professional, don’t stress. Many more tips to come!

    4. Not All Foundation is Photo-Ready Foundation

    The whole point here is to look great in photographs, and no matter how awesome it looks in the mirror, not all foundations will deliver. Stay away from any foundation with “shimmer” in the name, or any natural mineral foundations with a built in SPF. The minerals used to reflect the sun’s light, whether it’s purpose is to save your skin or create a “shimmer” also reflect the camera’s flash and will wash you out in photos. Creme foundations with an SPF are fine, it’s usually just the powder foundations that use these problem ingredients. Read the labels and make sure that your foundation meets both the needs of your skin and the camera! Annie May’s “Advanced Mineral Makeup” is guaranteed not to wash you out under a flash, as are any of my Faeye Face foundations (which is good, since I chose them specifically for photography applications!).

    5. Go Waterproof.

    Life is unpredictable. Some of the best photographs I’ve ever taken were taken in a moment where water was involved. Maybe it starts to rain, or snow, a little or a lot…maybe you tear up or cry. Whatever it is, you’ll want to be prepared. The best way to do this to go waterproof. It’s true that waterproof makeup can be a chore, so my best suggestion is to use a waterproof makeup finisher (my favourite is Model in a Bottle:, I used it at my wedding!) that gives you a matte finish and protects you from damp damage, otherwise known as face melting. Also make sure you use a good waterproof mascara. All of us know how unattractive raccoon eyes can be, and it doesn’t take much moisture to make them appear.

    6. No Glitter.

    This goes back a bit to the part about foundation, but I felt it was worth mentioning. Don’t use glitter lotion or sprinkle on glitter. Glitter reflects light in an odd way that looks perfectly normal to the naked eye, but cameras don’t capture the “glitter” effect and it tends to look like spots on the photograph. Plus, there’s always the fact that sprinkling on excess glitter makes you look like you’re trying too hard.

    7. Don’t Forget the Guys!

    If there’s a guy in your photo, chances are he would benefit from something. If he has a complexion problem, is red from the sun (or too much to drink), or has a shiny head, try to convince him to use a bit of powder for best results. At the very least, slip a tube of chap stick into his pocket and remind him to use it.


    Omaha has some great makeup artists and consultants to help you out, if you choose to go the professional route. If you’re on a budget (or if you’re not, it’s fantastic either way) MAC Cosmetics at Oakview Mall will do free makeup applications, and they have some very talented ladies working there.

    One less thing to worry about!

    Thanks again to Faeye Photography for writing such amazing tips!

    -The Tin Box Team


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    We would like to congratulate Lisa Brott and Kaitlin O’Connor for winning a free $200 value engagement shoot with us at Tin Box Weddings!

    Please be sure to check back for other upcoming promos and contests.

    - The Tin Box Team


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    It seems to be that time of year again, time to hit the wedding shows, start the planning, looking for venues and caterers and of course, photographers. Oh so many things to think about! We, here at Tin Box, were proud to pull off our first time running a booth at a wedding show a few weeks ago. Omaha World-Harold’s Wedding Essentials show treated us well, and we had some great response from it.

    Some upcoming wedding shows include:
    Wedding Inspirations
    Embassy Suites La Vista
    February 19th, 2012

    Spring Bridal Show
    DC Center
    March 4th, 2012

    Omaha Bridal Showcase
    CenturyLink Center
    March 10th, 2012

    Tin box will be at the Wedding Inspirations Show so plan to see us there and check back for updates!

    Our questions to you, our current and future clients, brides, grooms, entourage, etc…

    Do you end up going to these bridal shows?
    How helpful are they for helping your wedding planning?
    What’s been your overall experience with them?
    What makes a vendor more or less appealing?

    We always love hearing from you!
    Happy Planning!
    - The Tin Box Team


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    The Omaha Wedding Essentials Bridal Show was a blast for all of us at Tin Box Weddings!  As our first Bridal Show it was very encouraging to hear so much great feedback from brides and couples.  Looking froward to meetings with couples over the next few weeks. If you didn’t get an opportunity to set up an appointment to come chat with us at the show, it’s not too late! Just give us a call or shoot off an email and we will get something scheduled with you.


    Best Wishes in all your planning!


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    Everyone at Tin Box is working hard on getting ready for the Omaha World Heralds Wedding Essentials,  Bridal University Show this weekend at the Mid America Center.

    Looking forward to meeting all the engaged couples who are planning to attend Sunday January 8th.

    Bridal shows are a great place to find everything you are looking for all in one place. Perfect for collecting information (and yummy cake samples!) and comparing vendors packaging. I’ve been to a few Bridal Shows and always find great ideas!

    Some times a bridal show may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to.

    Here are Five ways to prepare yourself to get the most out of your bridal show experience:

    1) bring a trusted friend (or maybe mom?) with you. They can help collect information, are a second pair of eyes and ears and often will think of questions you may not remember in all the excitement.

    2) staying hydrated is important so between samples of cake, take a sip of water form the water bottle you brought along!

    3) Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just jump in there and take some info and meet the vendors. They are there to help you out and this is your chance to actually meet the people you are considering working with on your big wedding day.

    4) Try to set up appointments with vendors while at the show to chat more. They will be booking right away after the show and sometimes even at the bridal show. You don’t want to loose your favorite vendor by putting it off. At least with an appointment you can meet again and talk at grater length. Tin Box Weddings, Omaha Wedding Photographers, will be taking appointments and full day bookings at this show.

    5) Have a list of what vendors you are looking for, price ranges for each and questions you want to ask. If you know you want to book, bring your check book to reserve your date.

    Follow Up: This can be a lot of fun, so make a day of it, grab lunch or coffee after the show and go through your goody bag and glossy brochures with your friend while jotting down some notes on your impressions and information collected.



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    T-shirts are in the works for this weekends Wedding Essentials Bridal Show at the Mid America Center. These proofs look awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished shirts from the talented people at D&T Shirtified in Fremont, Nebraska



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    Shout out to all you engaged couples!

    Be sure to check out the Bridal University, Wedding Essentials Bridal Show this weekend.

    Tin Box weddings will be an exhibitor so swing my to say hello. Would love to see your sparkly new ring and show you mine! -Vivian






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    Jordan & Vivian [founders of Tin Box] got engaged!

    Jordan proposed to while we were on a photo and video assignment in Beijing, China November 13th, 2011!

    This is how it happened…




    It was the last day of our stay in China. We had spent all week photographing and doing video work.





    Now we were out to see some of the sights and enjoying a walk through the Forbidden City gardens.

    Jordan handed off the cameras to some people in our group and said suggested we get some video of us. Made sense to me… little did I know he had something else up his sleeve (or in his pocket). I had no idea a proposal was coming until suddenly he was getting down on one knee and took out a pretty little ring.

    I was so surprised I couldn’t stop laughing and I had to keep telling myself “He is proposing. THIS IS IT! ”

    Then I said “Yes!”

    I can’t think of a more perfect way for Jordan to have proposed. We love to travel, photograph together and explore new things. I like to walk and he likes to surprise. What better place and time to ask than when all those things came together in Beijing?!

    Let the wedding planning begin…



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    Engagement pictures don’t have to be awkward and stuffy, think about who you are as a couple and brain storm fun ways to show that off, with a prop, setting or expressions. Be sure you are comfortable in your clothes, with each other and your photographer for the best results! Relax and have fun.

    When brainstorming with your wedding photographer think about these questions to get you started.

    Were was your first date?

    Where was the proposal?

    Do you have inside jokes?

    Where do you hang out the most?

    Do you want fun & quirky or elegant & romantic?








  • [ SHOW ME MORE ]

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    Potential brides and grooms (and their moms!) are always asking to see more photographs. Well we are happy to share more slices of goodness! So, to see more scrumptious photo’s check out this gallery.


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