Good to Meet You

We are...

Excited to meet you


Ready to jump on a plane, train or bus to anywhere

Parents to three whiskered fur babies 

Interested in telling stories, revealing our couples personalities, and having fun creating

Trained in photo and film through college degrees and internships

Experienced with over 10 years of being behind a camera 

Passport ready and seasoned at world travel for shoots (read take us with you!)

Coffee junkies

Addicted to those yummy homemade wedding mints (don't judge, you know you are too)

Art nerds. Yep that's true

Not ok with status quo

Would probably shoot a wedding for a lifetime supply of ice cream just saying...

Making memories, making friends.

THE LONGER STORY (From Vivian’s view) 

Fair warning: I do love to shoot weddings, but my story didn't start that way. This is my honest story about how I went from "I will never shoot a wedding" to adoring weddings and excited to join you on your wedding adventure. 

After studying ballet for 15 years (basically my whole life), I knew that working in a creative field was the only avenue I wanted to pursue. I started with painting but quickly discovered photography and a love for building sets and scenes, telling stories within an image, and building a sense of curiosity for my viewers.  Jordan and I were both lucky enough to study with truly talents professors at Metropolitan Community College (yes we like to say we met in the dark room - so romantic right?!). I spent a lot of time thinking about concepts to illustrate, then in the studio building out sets and photographing them. Jordan spent a lot of time following me around (just kidding, well kinda). He helped me with my projects and I helped him with his.

I started photography school to become an artist. I learned film photography in the darkroom printed the old ways, dived into alternative processes, made my own photo paper, even printed a book and bound it myself. I was as they say " M.F.A. all the way" (masters of fine art)

I had a creative voice inside of me, and I set out makeing art to express it. 

I was also volunteering with a local non-profit when the position of creative director came open. I took the position and started using my creative background to effect change for Omaha’s youth. 

At the same time my good friend, Jordan Green had just started a production company serving both non-profits and for-profit companies. We worked together on several projects. While he was a total camera and lighting nerd and video expert, it was clear he needed someone to run interviews and creatively direct his photo and video projects.  Working together we saw the distinct advantages immediately for both of us. 

While photography may seem relatively straightforward, I didn't want to do straightforward photography.  I love to create images that surprise, delight and peek the viewers interest.


Something I really beleive in, is creating and capturing in ways that bring out meaning and emotions. Not just shooting for a pretty portfolio. I beleive and work to capture images that shine with personality and "realness". 

Jordan "says photography (as a job) is simply remembering the solutions to a really big list of problems that can be solved lots of different ways.” Then you add in style, taste, mood, creativity, personality for flavor. Combine all this and that’s when photography and films become meaningful and truly art. 

I love subtle mood, directing the viewer's eye with lighting and focus. Creating a little tension. I want you to ask for more, and leave you able to fill in the story as you remember it or as you imagine it. 

Jordan loves to bring my creative visions to life and I love to watch him light anything. 


To be 100% honest, we never thought we would shoot weddings. Seemed so cookie cutter and boring. We were artists building a successful full-service production company. I was creating work and showing in art exhibits and thinking about gallery curation and how to get better gum bichromate prints (nerd!).  

We did a few weddings for friends as gifts and we discovered a full blown love for it! Weddings are an incredibly fun and creative experieince and we adore our couples. It’s like a perfect merge of all our loves and talents. Fine art, technical challenges, creating meaningful work and telling good stories mixed perfectly in every wedding we dis.  We Were Hooked and in 2011 Tin Box Weddings was officialy born. 


Tin Box Weddings, where I really get to have fun and shine playing, creating and capturing with fabukous couples like you. 

Jordan Green Productions - started in 2008 and focuses on commercial video production and marketing. We shoot for clients like the Discovery Channel, Rachel Ray, and CBS Sunday Morning. Jordan and I travel the country seeing new and interesting things shooting for science and technology clients.  

And that friends it the true story. 

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