Hi Friends! So you are getting married, this is awesome, exciting and can be overwhelming, am I right?!

I remember planning my own wedding even after seeing quite a few from my days as a photographer. It’s a fun time, but I was also stumped where to start, what is importat, what isn’t, what should things cost and on and on….

Don’t worry friends, just breath, and read on. I have compiled here for you a constantly refreshing resource of wedding advice curated from seeing and being a part of hundreds of weddings. Trust me I have seen all angles from helping plan the proposal, advised on chooseing venues, planned itineraries, navigated family relationships, sourced props, arranged for transportation on the fly and even helped a bride choose her wedding dress! Any wedding  big, small simple and extravagant I’m here for you as you find vendors and ideas that are just right for your personality packed day.




How to Choose a Wedding Caterer

It’s going to be an amazing party and no party is amazing without good food.  You want your reception dinner to be amazing and memorable for your guests, and not because it was horrible. We all know what bad wedding dinner is like. Ug the worst!
Check out a quick tip from Vivian on choosing a catering option sure to wow your guest and keep a smile on your face, and your piggy bank.

A few more tips for choosing the perfect wedding caterer

1- Consider some of your favorite places to eat and ask if they will do catering
2- Support a new and local eating establishment
3- Gathering family friends and do it potluck style! You know you love those jello salads
4- Gather reviews from your friends for favorite catering
5- Ask your wedding catering options for fully detailed pricing sometime you may be surprised if you don’t ask all your questions up front
6- Is a tip included?
7- Who is providing the serving dishes and linens your catering company, restaurant, venue or wedding designer?
8- Can you keep any left overs? Surprise! Many caterers do not allow you to take home left overs.



Wedding Catering Favorites

Omaha Caterers

Attitude on Food

Catering Creations

Pleasure Your Pallet 

Mangia Italiana

Abraham Catering 



Blue Sushi 


Lincoln Caterers

Tastefully Yours

The Giggling Gourmet 

Chez Hay

Famous Dave’s 




You have your wedding collection and have spent hours clicking, liking, sharing and loving them on your laptop and cellphone screens and all over facebook. Now let’s get some prints for your home and to give as gifts. Mom’s and Grandma’s just love receiving a collection of real archival prints to proudly display in their homes. You will too. Decorate your home with those special memories and people who shared your wedding day.

Drug Store Prints or Archival Gallery Prints?

What kind of prints do you need? There are times when it makes sense to invest in quality archival or artistic prints from your wedding. Sometimes though you just need a handful of shots to toss in your bag for a quick trip.

You have just made a sizeable investment in your photography collection so choosing the best way to print your photos is just as important. Why spend all that money to then just …

1- Not show off your photos

2- Choose a poor quality printer that doesn’t show them in their true beauty and artistry

Think about the purpose of your prints before making your decision.


When to choose archival prints from your gallery

  1. You like to display memories in your home on the walls, mantle or shelves
  2. Gifts for Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Anniversaries
  3. Creating a coffee table wedding album
  4. Creating brag book albums for family as thank you gifts
  5. Artistic displays
  6. Any use where you plan to keep them for a lifetime

When to choose prints from a local drugstore

  1. Consistent quality is not important
  2. Scrapbooking
  3. To take on a trip to share with people who couldn’t be there
  4. Crafting applications
  5. Any use where you don’t plan to keep them over 2 years

Amanda Jackson a gifted family and infant photographer in Texas put together some great drugstore lab results you will find, in her words, shocking. Check it out here. Pro Prints Vs. Drug Store Prints


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